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    Take my Detailed Questionnaire + Learn which Products are Right For you, Right now. We will send your personalized herbs and supplements to your door at the frequency of your choice.

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    I will send out a Phlebotomist to your house, you can walk into your Lab draw center or if you have had Labs in the past 12 months you can send them to us to get your personalized wellness box.

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    For yourself or someone you love, we have curated high quality wellness boxes for common health goals.

Soul Food

A curated box for yourself or a loved one that supports overall mental health and well-being so you can continue to be awesome.

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How This Works

1. Fill Out Detailed Questionnaire OR get Lab work done

2. Get Recommendations from the Doctor based on your answers

3. Choose to order once, every month or whatever frequency you desire.

4. Re-take Questionnaire or Labs every 6-12 months to modify your wellness program.